One Plan ... Further study


  • The time has come to address this decision making process a little more seriously…
  • You need to start researching what University/Provider you wish to attend, what course you plan on studying and what the ATAR you need to get to where you want to be at the start of next year. Try the Post School Options Tab on this website. Great place to start!

Use both the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) and the NSW University Admission Centre (UAC).  That is, restrict your QTAC preferences to Queensland Universities; apply using UAC for preferences at Southern Cross University, Griffith Gold Coast and University of New England.  By doing this, you put yourself in the situation where you may receive an offer from each admissions centre. If you want to go to TAFE, apply directly to TAFE. Good to do it before the end of school.

  • If you are applying for a university course, make sure you select and order your course preferences wisely:

          IDEAL COURSES:   (Put these as your top 2 options)                 

These are the courses you would really like to study even though your chances of gaining entry may not be assured.

          REALISTIC COURSES:        (Options 3 & 4)               

These courses are less competitive.  Realistically, they should provide another way to the career you want or to a second choice career.  They can be used to upgrade to your ‘ideal’ course.

          ‘FOOT in the DOOR’ COURSES:  (Options 5 & 6)

These courses are the ones you are prepared to do if you miss out on all the others.  They should be courses that in the past have been quite easy to get into (especially the 6th preference). They can help you to upgrade.

  • Remember, there is no point listing a course that you are not prepared to accept!
  • Review your course preferences when you receive your ATAR.  Change/adjust your courses preferences if necessary. Remember you can change your preferences 3 times for free then there is a fee for each change after that.

You need to consider your what your best options are to gain a place at university. Some things you should consider and be aware of are:

  •         Griffith Universtity, UQ and QUT give you bonus ATAR ranks. Follow the links here or from the Post School Option/ Universities tab to learn more.
  •         SCU has similar bonus schemes and early entry options
  •         Apply as a SCU STAR SCHEME early entry applicant and submit a detailed application that could get direct entry into SCU.
  •         UNExtra Early Entry –  apply through this scheme and you may be made an offer based on your Yr 12 reports and a school recommendation.  Your ATAR will not be used to determine your eligibility.
    •   All these universities offer an excellent opportunity, providing a foot in the door.  You are strongly advised to put this safety net in place!
  •         Alternative Entry – All universities have alternate entry options in place to those who have had their education disadvantaged in anyway. If you are an elite sportsman, on youth allowance, Indigenous, had an illness, excessive home or family responsibility, etc.  You are encouraged to see the university, UAC and QTAC websites to see what assistance you can get to support your ATAR
  •        Headstart at SCU
  •        Start QUT

Some more things to think about:

  • Maybe you need a GAP year; maybe you are not 100% sure this is the pathway for you; maybe you are not confident in your results!  You are strongly advised to apply and consider the option of deferment once you receive an offer. You can defer for up to two years.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS:  KHS has some applications or seach this link.  Any requirements for a school comment on these applications should be brought to the Careers Office opposite room 1 or emailed to Mr Ella.
  • Applying for University and already receiving Youth Allowance?  You may be eligible for a Commonwealth Equity Scholarship.  These scholarships can be applied for UAC and QTAC universities via one centralised application that is submitted on your QTAC or UAV application.  For QTAC universities, apply directly to the university you receive an offer from.
  • Early August QTAC and UAC will open.
  • You should check specific universities and education suppliers for closing dates for auditions (drama and music courses), submission of portfolios (art and design courses) and scholarships. Look in the Post School Options Tab of the Careers Website.